Memorials from 2014

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In Memory Of   Given By
Earl Bailey Gayle Miller
Gertrude Bailey Gayle Miller
MSGT George A Bannar, Jr. Kristy Stanley-Marks
Wallace Ward Berry Patricia Seward
Mary Bobeck Patricia Lencalis
Donna Chewning Renee Pope
Phyllis L. Chewning Barbara Chewning
Marjorie Ellen Clatterbuck George W. Clatterbuck, Jr.
Murcelle Coleman Orange Co. Retired Educators
Sally Crismond Anonymous
Mary Deeds Leonard Deeds
Douglas G. Donald Marcia D. Yowell
Jason Lohr Gooding, Sr. Sonya Clatterbuck
Eleanor Sommers Hartless Marie Hartless
John Wesley Herndon, Jr. Betty Herndon
Sidney Lee Hutchinson Paula Tussing
Iris Mitchell George Yancey
Hugh Jack Morris Shelly Morris
Edward Ostensoe Eloise Ostensoe
Omer Ostensoe Eloise Ostensoe
Joseph N. Pugh, II Connie Brookman
Robert Pumphrey Betty Wright
Mary Louise Raines Carolyn Stanley
Mason Sanford Kristy Stanley-Marks
Thelma Sanford Orange Co. Retired Educators
Mary Brockelsby Smith Orange Co. Retired Educators
Linda Clatterbuck Snead Karl Clatterbuck
Mary Virginia Henshaw Sommers Marie Hartless
Edgar Frederick Sommers Marie Hartless
William (Bill) Timmons Danny Timmons
Theodore J. Tomala, Jr. Michelle O’Hearn
Jane Ratcliff Townsend Sue R. Rofflemoyer
Eleanor Embrey Walker Marie Hartless
Merry Woodville Walker Marie Hartless
Luther Samuel Walker Marie Hartless
Ann Garrett Watkins Sue R. Rofflemoyer
Dr. Michael White, D.D.S. Maddy White
Thurman Douglas Wilson, Jr. Janice Wilson
Walter Wright Muriel Wright
Charlene O’Hearn Worthy Michelle O’Hearn
John Zions Chuck & Ann Mason
Mary Vance Michelle O’Hearn