Memorials from 2022

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In Memory Of   Given By
Betty Almond Orange Rotary Club
Douglas Anderson Barry Barr
Otis Ashton, Sr. Ellen Wessel
Bradley Allan Bickel Robin Bickel
Mr & Mrs Clarence & Evelyn Braxton Oleatha Braxton
Helen M. Brite Robin Bickel
Clifford Brown Barry Barr
Wilmer “Sonny” Carpenter Lucille Moubray
Lula Christian Compton Ray & Sharon Mathews
Charlie Curry Jessica Cifizarri
Dorothy Garnett Connie Sturm
Vicki Elaine Gipson Douglas Joe Gipson (DJ) & family
Cheyenne Hale Crystal Hale
John Ross Herndon Betty Herndon
John Wayne Herndon Betty Herndon
Donnie Hughes Orange Rotary Club
John Gallup Laylin Carol Hallman
George Taylor Munroe Orange Rotary Club
Irene E. Murray Robin Bickel
Opal Newman Barry Barr
Edith Lorraine Roebuck Ellen Wessel
Helen Marie Taylor Orange Rotary Club
Janice Shifflett Crystal Hale
Allan Shotwell Orange Rotary Club
June Sturm Connie & Russ Sturm
Dorine de Vries Jamie McConnell
Anne Walters Jane Walters
Margaret East Ware Jane Ware
Walter “Billy” Ware, II Jane Ware
Dale Wein Caleb Ewing
William Caleb Wharton Caleb Ewing
Judy Wheeler The Wheeler Family
Danny Yancey Glenna Crawford