Memorials from 2021

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In Memory Of   Given By
Sallie Barber Orange County Retired Educators
Cary L Brookman Francis Brookman
Anna Collins Orange County Retired Educators
William Caleb Ewing Caleb & MaryJane Ewing
Caleb Ewing, Sr. Caleb & MaryJane Ewing
Beatrice Ewing Caleb & MaryJane Ewing
William & Esther Faust Cynthia Arnold
Brian Hall The Rotary Club of Orange
Jennifer T Hulsey Robert & Ellen Kendall
John Laylin Carol Hallman
Fontaine Trainum Lilly Her Family
Fontaine Lilly Orange County Retired Educators
Helen Marshall Caleb & MaryJane Ewing
Frederic Marshall Caleb & MaryJane Ewing
Harold W Myers Maxine Myers & Family
Doug Myrick Spicers Mill Farm Property Owners
Virginia Neyhouse John S Rumph
Anthony S Pritchett Thomas & Adrianna Waddy
Gabby Rhandan Thomas & Adrianna Waddy
David Wilson Richards Brenda Richards Via
Alice Seay Smith Doris Seay Phelan
Eva H Starks Jane H Ware
Ann Baker Tomlinson Their devoted family
Charles W "Zeke" Tomlinson Their devoted family
Wayne B Via John & Brenda Via