Memorials from 2019

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In Memory Of   Given By
Col. John H. Allison (Ret) June H. Miller
Tucker Altman Gladys Altman
Nicholas Alvarado Ric & Jackie Wheeler
Andrew Barr Barry & Jane Barr
Hazel Barr Barry & Jane Barr
Hubert Barr Barry & Jane Barr
Linda Butler Cindy White
Cheryl Carpenter James Carpenter
Wanda G. Carpenter James Carpenter
Victor Elman Colby Patrick & Marcia Colby
Isaiah Coleman Rebecca Gilmore Coleman
Garry Lynn "Porky" Collier Larry & Gayle Collier
Barbara Brown Creel Joe Creel
Esther Faust Cynthia F. Arnold
William Faust Cynthia F. Arnold
Edie Gasper Woman's Club of Orange
Jean Grady Woman's Club of Orange
Diane Martin Harris Jerry Harris
Pat Hepler OC Retired Educators
William Hepler OC Retired Educators
John Laylin Carol Hallman
William "Billy" T. Lee, Jr Judy Lee & Family
Helen Marshall M.J. Ewing
Virginia B. Mason Chuck Mason
Janie P. Matthews Charles Austin Matthews
Dorothy Maubrey Joyce Davidson & Family
Robert Morris Spicers Mill Property Owners
Willie Morris Gary Morris
Bob Moxley Catherine Pritchett
Joan Moxley Catherine Pritchett
Doris B. Samuels Betty, Buddy, David & James Weiner
Gladys Crane Sanders Kathryn E. Caswell
Carlene Shuler Saxton Mike & May Saxton
Carlene Saxton OC Retired Educators
Harry Thomas Saxton, Jr. Mike & May Saxton
Rachel Grasty Saxton Mike & May Saxton
Brenda Buruss Seay Shawn Seay
Larry E. Seay Shawn Seay
Clyde Terry Ada B. Gordon
Thelma Gordon Terry Ada B. Gordon
Stephen Winston Tusing Mary T. Highlander
Mark Tyree Bridget Morris
Catherine Vidal Maylis Lioud
T. C. Waddy Thomas & Adrianna Waddy
Caleb Wharton M.J. Ewing
Gaynelle Woods OC Retired Educators
Betty Wright Woman's Club of Orange