Memorials from 2016

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In Memory Of   Given By
Ward Ivan Baker Mary Lou Baker
Elizabeth F. Brockman Mr. & Mrs. Bob Brockman
Dorothy “Dot” Browning Spicers Mill Property Owners
Mary Tiz Carpenter Gill Sharon Gill Baines & Lee Baines
Caryll McConnell Hanbury Her Family
Charles Bryan Johnson, Jr Donna J. Kitts
Lucy Elizabeth (Bunny) James Orange Co. Retired Educators
Earl M. Kitts, Sr. Donna J. Kitts
David C. May Ada H. May
Jayne Firman McConnell Jamie & Lorraine McConnell
Richard Estabrook McConnell Jamie & Lorraine McConnell
Gladys G. Milker Mr. & Mrs. Bob Brockman
William D. Newell Spicers Mill Property Owners
Shirley Reynolds Debbie Kerley
Raymon and Dolly Summerfield Mrs. Jaime Coberly
Marshall Allen Tumer Mary Lou Baker