Memorials from 1998

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In Memory Of In Memory Of In Memory Of
Louis L. Altman Albert M. Baer Audrey Barber
Helen Badbury Buford "Mike" Breeden Mary Q. Bride
Mary H. Brookman Chancellor L. Brooks Robert Lowell Browning
Mattie Leake Campbell Betty F. Carpenter Randolp Carter, Sr. 
Hubert Hope Clark Charles G. Cluff Mary Coughlin
Barbara R. Craun Dorothy Crenshaw Colt George Lee Darnell
Julia Irene Deal Grover T. Dean James Robert Dobyns
Ruby T. Dodson Margaret Harlow Bickers Donaghy
Ashley Michelle DuLac Antol Eckert  Mary Eckert
Miklos Eckert Theresa Eckert Peggy Marie Engel
Linwood B. Faulconer, Jr. Willie "Buck" Foster Claude H. Garner, Jr.
Betty J. Gilbert Fred M. Graves, Jr. Garold Griffith
J. Randolph Grymes, Jr. Maude HittGrymes Cory and Lucy May Guerrino
Edith V. Hall C. Darrell Hallam Zelda M. Haney
Nell T. Hankins Joyce S. Hawkins Mary Young Hazard
Phillp H. Hickerson Ginny Hopkins
L. Ron Hubbard Elsie P. Johnson Daniel David Judd
Alice Kennedy Jack Kibler Courtney Franklin Lawler
Belvin L. Lohr Mrs. Mary Rhodes Long Pearl L. McDaniel
Hattie L. McGhee Ruby C. McGhee Kathleen P. Newman
William P. Newman Lewis Payne George Peyton
Bernice Newman Preddy Ruth K. Roberts Marie Ellis Robertson
Mary Rosson Harry T. and Bernice W. Saxton Kathryn Scoskie
Peggy B. shifflett Reba Shifflett Carson A. and Hazel Gilbert Shuler
Gussie E. Sisk V. J. Somers, Jr. Clarence C. Smith
Kemper E. Snow C. Robert Swope Raymond B. Taylor
Lorraine Thomas Robert L. Utz Mona Cook Vaughan
William "Bill" Thomas Vaughan Clarence Walter Verling  George Wagner, Sr.
Anne Carter Walker Somerville Ellis McDaniel Ware Frank A. White
Grace C. Williams Gatewood Wilson Gwen P. Wood
William M. Yager