Memorials from 1995

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In Memory Of In Memory Of In Memory Of
Clifton J. Atkins Virginia Brown Breeden Bailey Robert Young Barnham, Jr.
Josephine S. Bledsoe Ruth R. Blount T. Walker Boston
Grace Mae Breeden Willis Browning Gertrude W. Chewning
James Earl Clark, Sr. Ada S. DeJarnette Pauline C. "Polly" Duffer
Dorothy Duvall Josephine Smith Evans Margaret Young Faulconer
Beatrice Ford Martha J. Greene Fannie L. Hall
Clara M. Haney Joseph A. Hebrance Margaret T. Henderson
Zadie M. Henry S. Page Higginbotham Ashly Hoffman
Elmer J. Honenberger Donald M. Hopper Henry D. Horner, Sr.
Bertha Virginia Hume Emma Talley Jacobs George M. Jones
James E. McColley Elizabeth McDaniel Ray L. Mays
Clara Hampton Micks Mitchell Pearl C. Morris Magadalen "Babe" Murphy
Ethel Heilshorn Pearsall Roy W. Pritchett, Sr. Keith Douglas Racer
Rev. Keith Randel Ramey Katherine H. Riner Mary Sheffield
Ricky Slaughter Keister L. Smith Doris C. Stein
Frances Coleman Talley