Memorials from 1992

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In Memory Of In Memory Of In Memory Of
Jean Amos Virginia H. Atkins Sheila Grawford Ball
Evelyn Thompson Barnes Helen Cook Bass Luther J. Bergstrom, Sr.
Joseph William Bickers Joseph A. Binder Floyd Blankenbaker
Lawrence Robert Bond  Henry Joseph Boston Colin M. Boyle
Mrs. Evelyn J. Braxton Elizabeth S. Eaton Brown Susie Brown
Robert L. Browing William Ira Burress Russell A. Chewining, Jr.
John B. Clatterbaugh Ronald S. Clatterbaugh, Sr.  Nealus R. Clatterbuck
Allen "Rusty" Comer Mack E. Corbin Richmond D. Crinkley
Maude A. Estes Mary Collier Eubanks Walter S. and Ora M. Faudree
William C. "Billy" Fox, Jr. Margaret A. Graves Mary Garland Allen Gregg
Will Reeves Gregg Cory Guerrino Lurty F. Haney, Sr.
Elsie M. Hennessey Charles T. "Charlie" Henry, Jr. Thomas Paul Henry, Sr.
Thelma W. Herndon Franklin Ray Hester Clara Jeanette Clements Higgins
Sylvia M. Gogsten Aubrey Burrhus Lee Henry Lee Lewis
Marion Mars Lewis Willie H. Lewis Fannie Paige Lloyd
Norbert Duncan Lloyd Henry C. Lonergan, Sr. Pearl Hines Lynch
Everette  L. Kennon Frances Rankin Martinez Lt. Cmdr. William Barton Mason, Jr.
Carolyn Gay McGhee Jack Miller Pauline H. Miller
Herman Randolph Minor Malcolm T. Moore Walter V. Moore, Jr.
Francis Earl Moubray James Rountree Mulling Freida Mundy
Ernest Napier Amy Placzkouski Clara C. Powell
Marvin Powell Marie C. Reynolds Nora H. Robinson
Alma E. Schafer Mamie Marie Scott Alice Jacqueline Sisk
Bane B. Smith Delmer Smith James E. Smith
Lizzie Weakley Smith Marshall S. Smith Mrs. Lois L. Snow
Mabel C. Spicer James Randolph Stanley Mabel N. Strickler
Annie S. Thomas Elizabeth L. Thomspon Ernest Thurman
Lucille Thurman Joseph F. Thurston James T. Todd
Richard L. Todd Polly Coleman Twyman Jean Cochran Vance
W. G. Verling, Sr. Frank S. Walker, Sr. Margaret Shackelford Walker
Goree A. Waugh, Sr. R. Monroe Waugh Clarence O. J. Wayland
Henrietta W. Wayland Thomas E. Wescott Charles Henry Wiltshire
C. Boyd Wiseman Guy W. Wood Ruth T. Woycik
Ruth F. Yancey Janet Lee Yowell Donald E. Ziegler
Elsye B. Ziegler