Memorials from 2020

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In Memory Of   Given By
Paul "Buddy" Amberger Carey S. Amberger
James Barr Jeanne Barr
Ada Blankenship Jennifer Sprouse
David Clark Cal & MaryJane Ewing
minnie via collier Larry & Gayle Collier
Paul Davis Joyce Davis
Sue Radcliffe Dofflemoyer Luther Dofflemoyer
Douglas Marshall Gordon Ada B. Gordon
J.B. Haney Nancy Haney & Family
Wayne Herndon Betty Herndon
Jerry Jarrett Ray & Joanie Palmer
Ulysses "Pete" Joyner Spicers Mill Farm Property Owners
Helen Marshall Cal & MaryJane Ewing
Fred Marshall Cal & MaryJane Ewing
Maxon Mills Ray & Joanie Palmer
Dennis F. Moore Ray & Joanie Palmer
Laurie Naiman Ray & Joanie Palmer
Lavinia Pretz Phillips Mike & May Saxton
David Sikes Spicers Mill Farm Property Owners
Peter Stanley Cal & MaryJane Ewing
Lois "Bisi" Starkey Ray & Joanie Palmer
Patricia Lucille Stewart Mike & May Saxton
Laura Thompson Judy Peterson
Alex Trebeck Adrianna Waddy
Bernice Marie Utz Tracey Utz Velasco
Sara Waugh Gayle T Fitzhugh
Caleb Wharton Cal & MaryJane Ewing