Memorials from 1991

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In Memory Of In Memory Of In Memory Of
Elva Thomasson Allen Roy Allen Anderson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Roy "Alma" Anderson
Clifton Johnson Atkins Mrs. J. R. "Betty" Bailey June Hatcher Berberich
Alfred Merritt Biscoe, Jr. Betty Hatcher Bowers Katherine W. Branham
Richard Moore Brooks Charles Edward Brown Mrs. Sue Webb Brown
Lt. Col. Roger D. Buckley USMC (Ret.) Mr.and Mrs. Lewis Burrus
Mr. and Mrs Robert F. Carver Anne "Nan" Doswell Clark Caroline "Callie" S. Clark
Thomas Stockton Clark James Epes Crinkley Helen Hartsook Dean
Helen Eades DeVivi Janette Dickerson Clement Dodson
Mr. R. E. Duke Mary Taliaferro Ewers William E. Ewers
Robert Haywood and Mary Frances Faulconer Artemus "Jack" J. Fisher, Jr. J. H. "Dick" Fray
Louise Willis Fray Mrs. Mary Giddings Gill Fred M. Graves, Sr.
James Dovell Hellems Mr. and Mrs. James "Ernie" Hellems Benjamin Parrott Herndon, Jr. 
Mason "M.E." Herndon Roger W. Herndon Melvin A. "Pike" Holley, Sr.
Harry and Molly Hopkins Ruth E. Hopkins Frank Pete Huskey
Helen Cluff Huskey Gertie L. Jenkins Nellie Marie Jenkins
Oscar Randolph Kavanaugh Ruth Orsburn Kavanaugh Anna Kidwell
Jeanette Rose Kime Mary P. Knoell Ronnie G. Lawson
Aubrey Burrhus Lee Constine Lencalis Emma Lee Lloyd
Frederick Henry Luck Annie Reichelt MacBoyle Rachel I. May
Frances Hatcher McConkey Stuart H. McGhee, Sr. Hugh Lee Miller
William Kirtley Miller Joseph Herman Morrris Eugene Moubray
Tritty Moubray Mable Lee Nelms Carl Edward "Jimmie" Newman
Johan Irene Ostraw   Raymond J. Paisley Daniel P. Perkins
Ruby Lloyd Power William Harrison Price Mable H. Preddy
Ruby Johnson Rurdum Catherine Cole Ratcliffe William Floyd Ratcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ratcliffe LaGrand L. Redfield Lucy G. Reynolds
Robert Rhoades Tommie Riner Col. Robert L. Rogers
Addison James Rollins Luna Belle Rosson Robert A. Saunders
Andrew E. Seay Roberta S. Seay Lyne Moncure Shackelford
Henry W. Sharp Ruby Sites Cliffie S. Smith
Gayle Smrkovski Mrs. W. R. Sprouse Gordon R. Squires
J. T. Stumpf Myrle L. Talley Margaret Simpson Tibbs
John Towns Edward H. Tucker Maude Heltsley Underwood
Joab Watson Annie Laura Willis Thomas W. Willoughby
Bertah B. Winkelmann